From a beggar to a successful farm owner

Christopher kilimi, 19 years old is an orphan with 6 siblings. He comes from MAUA, Meru, Kenya. He lost both patents and Christopher is the head of the family. He is in his first year with ZOE ministry – an organization that  empowers and gives hope to orphans in Africa.

Christopher Kilimi (right) with Chris, an orphan he adopted, at his farm

“Before i joined ZOE, i used to be a beggar but now i can no longer beg. I own this farm. I have employed two workers. I am able to sent my other siblings to school,” narrated Christopher.

Christopher showing his farm

Christopher is a member of Blessing ZOE group. ZOE’s emphasis is on food security, health and hygiene, children’s rights economic empowerment, making disciples of Christ, HIV/AIDS awareness among other things.

Part of Christopher’s farm

Onions at Christopher’s farm

Christopher’s farm is all green and uses modern methods of farm. It has a variety of crops at different levels

Christopher’s farm has different crops at different levels

Cattle belonging to Christopher

Christopher’s calves

When asked about his dream Christopher had this to say, ” i want to have a big house for my family, a car like that one (pointing at a ZOE 4×4 Toyota Hilux) and marry”.

Christopher’ s dream

Christopher showing his dream while members of his group look on

Blessing ZOE group with the Malawi team

The orphans have individual and group projects and they assist each other when need be. This day, they were assisting Christopher to apply organic manure in his farm

Members of Blessings group assisting to work in Christopher’s farm

ZOE staff at Christopher’s farm house

Christopher’s prepared flesh green maize from his farm for the team to eat.

Green Maize from Christopher’s farm

Just in less than a year with ZOE, Christopher is no longer a beggar but has enough for himself and his siblings. Thanks to ZOE

ZOE, indeed empowering orphans in Africa and giving them hope.

By Mercy Chikhosi Nyiromgo


About wandikweza

We are a team of nurses, midwives and a public health practitioners working in limited resource settings
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8 Responses to From a beggar to a successful farm owner

  1. Mary Beth Wiggins says:

    Mercy, I am so anxious to hear about your trip. I hope that you are as excited about ZOE as I am, and believe it is a blessing to each child in the program. Can not wait to hear all about the trip! Mary Beth

  2. babscampbell says:

    What an exciting program! Congratulations to all participants. I look forward to updates and hearing of other success stories like this.

  3. lestermhone says:

    Being a beggar is not the end of the world. Hard work and believing in yourself is the key to success. Keep it up Chriss

  4. Sue Mather says:

    How exciting and encouraging to see what can be done in Malawi. Thanks, team.

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