MUMC and COR – taking Meals of Hope to needy children

Members of Kampala community based Organization receiving the Meals of Hope

Malnutrition remains high in Malawi and accounts for half of all child deaths in Malawi. Poverty hits the children hardest and threatens their basic right to survival, health and nutrition. In response to this, The Malawi United Methodist Church (MUMC) and The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection has embarked on a journey to feed the needy children with rice and soya,  a nutritious pack called “Meals of Hope”.

A vehicle with Meals of hope

Meals of Hope in Madisi

Meals of Hope in Zwaki, Nsanje

Community leaders in Zwaki, Nsanje receiving Meals of Hope

Preparing Meals of Hope

Serving the children with Meals of Hope

Children under a shade having their meal for the day

Meals of Hope in Wilson, Nsanje district

Meals of Hope in Makuta, Balaka district


Rev Daniel Mhone and Brain Hague handing over “Meals of Hope” to a local leader

A joyful dance in appreciation for the “Meals of Hope”


Meals of Hope in Makuta, Balaka

Local leaders in Makuta receiving the “Meals of Hope”


Joyful children of Makuta community

A child having a meal for the day

Children of Makuta having their meal for the day

Children enjoying their meal



Mercy giving a talk on Meals of Hope in Makuta


Malawi experiences moderate to severe food crises and the Meals of Hope aims to reach more than 5,000 underfive children in the first year of its implementation, providing them with one meal per day in order to prevent malnutrition-related child deaths, ensure health growth and brain development.



As the journey continues!!!


By Mercy Chikhosi Nyirongo


About wandikweza

We are a team of nurses, midwives and a public health practitioners working in limited resource settings
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3 Responses to MUMC and COR – taking Meals of Hope to needy children

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Loved seeing all the pictures. I’m sure it was wonderful giving out the meals and reaching so many. Blessings to all of you at MUMC.

  2. says:

    Yes this is real hope for the children. Development even mentally is assured now the meals have brought real hope. God bless you Church of Resurrection.

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