MUMC and COR – Maize distribution brings relief to Zomba

Referring to the Malawi vulnerability assessment report, The Malawi United Methodist Church in partnership with the Church of the Resurrection continue to save people’s lives in some districts of Malawi. This time, 30 metric tons of maize were distributed to save 9,567 lives in Traditional authority Mgwerero, in Zomba district. According to the office of the District Commissioner, this is one of the areas in Zomba that was severely hit by drought, hence, the need for distribution of relief maize.

A cross section of women waiting for the distribution

A cross section of men waiting

The grain came as a great relief to people like Gogo Naphiri, 76 years old,  who is raising six grand children (orphans).  When she heard that MUMC would be distributing maize in her area, she felt a burden had been lifted. She said, “I am so grateful for The Malawi United Methodist Church which has done this great wonder in our area. We hope that all these other churches can also do the same thing which MUMC is doing for the vulnerable communities. To all the donors we say thank you so much and God bless you so much.”

Gogo Naphiri, (in front) and her friends cuing to get their portion

People in this area were singing and dancing, chanting slogans of happiness for the maize distribution. They could not help it but sang in their local language.

People ready to go home after receiving the maize

Abdulla, 78 years old, is a moslem in the area. He is proud of how MUMC helped his community and grateful for the bag of grain his family received. “We had gone for four days eating green maize cobs with my family. We had bad yields this year due to rains and lack of fertilizer.. . … You are one of few Christian churches that include us, as moslems in programs like these.   Thank you so much to all, to donors and God bless you. You have come at the right time when we the people of T/A Mgwerero are suffering. Keep on doing the good works of the Lord. We pray and hope that you will continue to support us.”

Abdulla after receiving his bag

The children could not hide there happiness but welcome the relief team.

Wonderful children of Mgwerero

“We have never seen this kind of love that you have shown us. You have come to us in Mgwerero where you do not have your church. Most of the churches always go to their members first, and if there is a surplus, then to others. We want this church here, please, tell your leaders” said Amos

Amos (in front) going home after receiving his bag

The church could not hide its identity.

People cuing to get their bags of maize


happily going home after receiving the maize

one by one they got their 5okg bag each


  This was indeed Love in Action.





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4 Responses to MUMC and COR – Maize distribution brings relief to Zomba

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Love, love, love this! The pictures are great and love the quotes from people. Great job. Give my thanks to all who helped put this together and love to all there. You all, at MUMC, continue to do great things and help the people of Malawi in these difficult times. Blessing to all.

  2. Cayce Stapp says:

    Here at Resurrection, we are so grateful for your work – on behalf of the people of Malawi and on behalf of our partnership together. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ!

  3. susan namangale says:


  4. Great work Mercy. I amproud of what you are doing. May God continue to put more strength in you to continue His started ministry

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