MUMC and COR feeds 4,886 people in Nsanje district for a month

According to Malawi Vulnerability Assessment report, Nsanje is one of the 10 southern region districts that has been hit by drought. Then, another disaster came, cyclone Funso, which was responsible for the floods.  In view of this, The Malawi United Methodsit Church (MUMC) and Church of the Resurrection (COR) from Kansas city, USA, in conjunction with the office of the District Commissioner (DC) and office of Disaster Management distributed maize to 4,886 people of Osiyana Camp, Traditional Authority Mlolo in the district from M’bwazi ADMARC.

One of the fields in Nsanje

Currently, the flood situation is normalising. Water levels in most of the inundated areas have subsided thereby, making the affected areas habitable.

One of the areas that was flooded

A Truck loaded with maize arriving at M'bwazi ADMARC

People traveled long distances to the ADMARC when they heard that the church was bringing hope to them.

A cross section of people waiting for the distribution

Another cross section of people waiting

One by one they came to the truck to get their 50kgs bag of maize which is enough to feed an average household of five people for a month.

A woman receiving her portion

Distribution in progress

Bicycles are the most convenient mode of transport

Elderly women resting after traveling a long distance

A number of interventions have been undertaken by the government and other stakeholders to alleviate immediate suffering of the affected households.

Tents by UNICEF

The camp is congested and the survivors are living in unhygienic conditions. Cholera outbreak and malaria are particularly feared in the camp due to sanitation problems and general unhygienic conditions. Meanwhile, government is distributing chlorine to the flood victims, to villages hit by the floods and to neighboring villages around the camp.

One of the toilets at the camp

Women with their children waiting for their turn

Our next site is Zomba district, Traditional Authority Mgwerero where a population of 22,755 has been affected by drought according to the District Commissioner’s office.

By Mercy Chikhosi Nyirongo


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One Response to MUMC and COR feeds 4,886 people in Nsanje district for a month

  1. Mary Beth says:

    The pictures tell a wonderful story of the church helping people in difficult times. Thank you so much for helping organize this and for sharing the story with us.

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