Moringa Trees in Madisi – contributing to good health

Research has shown that Moringa tree (called Chammwamba or Sangowa in Malawi) can make a massive contribution to good health. Therefore, The Malawi United Methodist Church (MUMC) in partnership with Church of the Resurrection (COR) from Kansas City, USA have embarked on a project to have Moringa Tree forests in Malawi. They recommend every home, community to grow and use Moringa trees.  Madisi is the third site after Nsanje and Blantyre.

Each member had a chance to plant a Moringa Tree


Moringa leaves can be used as food to combat malnutrition; they contain vitamins, proteins and minerals. The seeds can purify water, because they are a natural coagulant. The tree can also be used as medicine to treat High Blood Pressure, anemia etc,  it is a gentle, natural antibiotic.

Pastor Peter Nethulu, planting his tree


Mrs Mark, ready to water the trees


The vast majority of our families suffer poverty, and where there is severe poverty mothers and children are malnourished. Therefore, Moringa can help with problems of malnutrition. If people grow Moringa, add the Moringa leaf powder to porridge or stirred into any other meal, they can prevent malnutrition and do not depend on food supplements (Chiponde and Likuni Phala). They become much more independent.

Men waiting to water their trees after the planting exercise was over


Leading by example, the Health committee chairperson with his tree


Mercy, planting her tree


The men behind the Madisi Future Moringa tree forest


No other plant growing under the sun is as nutritious as the leaves of Moringa. It is not only good for children but for everyone who wants to be strong and health.

Therefore, Moringa can be used as food, internal or external medicine and water purification. No wonder, it is called a “Miracle Tree”.


By Mercy Chikhosi Nyirongo



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We are a team of nurses, midwives and a public health practitioners working in limited resource settings
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6 Responses to Moringa Trees in Madisi – contributing to good health

  1. ancentiano says:


  2. Enous Chisomo Chang'ana says:

    Thank you so much Mercy for sharing this very important information.I for one I do grow Moringa just to assist others get it for free!!

    Good luck in your project.


    Chisomo Chang’ana

  3. babscampbell says:

    Reblogged this on Bab's Blog and commented:
    This is amazing to me. Jon met with Mercy this morning to discuss building health clinics in Malawi. As I read through her blog, I found this entry, from February, mentioning a KC local church, Church of the Ressurection in Leawood, as they helped fund the Moringa tree grove. It truly is a small, small world!

    • wandikweza says:

      Hi Bab!
      We had a wonderful meeting with Jon and Glenn.
      It is indeed, a small world and Church of Resurrection is transforming our lives!

      • babscampbell says:

        I hope to meet you some day. . .soon! I’m so happy to see this partnership with One5 Foundation and will continue to support their efforts as I am able.
        Blessings to you. . .

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