Nsanje Floods: 448 households displaced

When i was taking this picture during the Malawi United Methodist Church (MUMC) and Church of the Resurrection (COR) retreat from the Fisherman’s Rest Lodge (a distance of about 79.6 miles or 128 Kms), little did i know that these were floods.  My camera tried as much as it could to capture what my eyes were seeing. A day later, it was in the press, “Nsanje has been flooded”.

Nsanje Floods taken from Fisherman's Rest Lodge

It was Cyclone Funso from Mozambique which brought  floods to Traditional Authority Mlolo and Mbenje in Nsanje district displacing houses.  More than 6,000 people from 30 villages are leading desperate lives in congested, infection-prone rescue camps. Among them are women, the elderly and young children. Cholera outbreak and malaria are particularly feared in the camps due to sanitation problems and general unhygienic conditions.

According to the District Commissioner’s office, normally the district has cholera outbreaks during rainy season but their fear now is that the situation which has been under control might go out of hand once the camps that have been created are affected. The camp is accommodating a lot of people and once the outbreak affects them, it will be difficult for them to control.

Member of Parliament for Nsanje North, described the disaster as one of the worst in many years. He noted it had affected many aspects of people’s lives. For four weeks, children have not been able to go to school because of the rising water levels and because some of the schools are now accommodating flood victims.

The affected people are being accommodated in five camps scattered across the district and the Malawi United Methodist Church in partnership with the Church of the Resurrection, Kansas city, USA is to distribute 30 metric tons of Maize to Osiyana camp that has a population of 4,886 on the 16th February, 2012 from 9am.

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